Basement Tapes

As I’ve stated before, I got my introduction to creating electronic music by using the MTV Music Generator on a Sony PlayStation. I’ve recently come across some tapes containing tracks from this time and digitized some of them. Some are OK, some are bad, and there were a few that were just unlistenable. Please ignore the awful titles. more than a few were horribly angsty and others were nonsensical for the sake of being nonsensical.

Keep in mind that many of these were created with stock loops that came as part of the software, and as I learned how to use it better, they progressed to completely original, video-game-sounding compositions.

“Eat Water”:
“Fuck That Shit”:
“Dreaming Sleep”:
“Too Far In”:
“Beat Me Up!”:
“Honk and Fuck”:
“Is It My Fault?”:
Untitled (1):
Untitled (2)
Untitled (3)
Untitled (4)
“When There Is No Hope…”:
“Something (Original)”:
“Something Else (Original)”:

Now compare the old, original version of “Something Else” to the one I recently finished using real instruments and professional software:

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