The Worst Cartoons


As mentioned, I subject myself to political cartoons because I’m some sort of masochist. It’s a habit I picked up on slow work days, reading cartoons and commentary at the Something Awful forums. As a result I’ve been exposed to some of the worst, most hateful, and talentless artists and their abhorrent views and, while…

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Basement Tapes


As I’ve stated before, I got my introduction to creating electronic music by using the MTV Music Generator on a Sony PlayStation. I’ve recently come across some tapes containing tracks from this time and digitized some of them. Some are OK, some are bad, and there were a few that were just unlistenable. Please ignore…

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Rewind: ReBirth


Before I discovered Reason, I somehow stumbled across Propellerhead’s other flagship product, the now-discontinued ReBirth RB-338. This software recreated a stack of legendary Roland instruments: the TB-303, the TR-808 and the TR-909. It was basically acid techno in a box. It sounded great and looked cool as hell. It did, however, retain some issues that…

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