Remix: Omid 16B – The Game

I check Beatport semi-regularly for their remix contests but only sometimes find songs that actually interest me, or more often find them between contests. I was pleasantly surprised to find several brand new contests the other day and quickly downloaded various stems and got to work. The first one I’ve managed to finish up is Omid 16B’s The Game, which I’d probably heard before but don’t recall.

The stems were ridiculously simple and sounded nothing like the above. Some percussion loops, a bassline, vocals, and a fleeting synth line were all that I had to work with, so through the magic of various electronic filters, pitch-shifting, time-stretching, and other signal processing, I turned a bare-bones multitrack set, taken from what was originally a tribal house track, into a weird sprawling, laid back house track that stops and breaks right in the middle:


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