The Worst Cartoons

As mentioned, I subject myself to political cartoons because I’m some sort of masochist. It’s a habit I picked up on slow work days, reading cartoons and commentary at the Something Awful forums. As a result I’ve been exposed to some of the worst, most hateful, and talentless artists and their abhorrent views and, while they’re often upsetting on some level, I’ve built up a sort of immunity. Other people, however, are not so lucky. Recently another forums poster asked goons to share some of the worst of the worst, the most “hideously racist/sexist/homophobic cartoons” so she could share them with a professor after a discussion of racist political cartoons in the past.

It didn’t take long for them to dig up some of the foulest stuff. Keep in mind that these are published. They are syndicated and shown in newspapers throughout the United States, not some fringe lunatics’ websites. These people are paid to be this way, some of them very well. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here:

These first two are from Pat Oliphant. Oliphant leans left in most circumstances, but he’s 79 years old and has a tendency to be fantastically racist from time to time.





Next up is retired cartoonist Chuck Asay. Another old white man, Asay hates gays, blacks, liberals, and bicycles. He’s notable for presenting innocuous people or situations in a somewhat benign manner, as in the gay couple below, and expecting the reader to find them to be the most amazingly terrible things. Despite being evil, he’s apparently a fun guy to go drinking with.




Toby Dials is a babby with bad opinions.



I don’t know much about Barksdale, but it’s clear that he’s a racist shithead. Worse still: Comic Sans.


Sean Delonas, now “retired”, used to work for the NY Post. This was published shortly after Obama’s inauguration. Delonas has published a children’s book.


Brian Farrington hates women.


Ken Catalino can’t fucking draw, but that’s nothing new.


Scott Stantis is hard to nail down. He has good views on some subjects but veers off into right-wing shitheadedness often. The tremendous samurai depicted here actually represents China.


For some reason this Tony Hall comic never showed up in digital format. The paper had to issue an apology for publishing it.



The Boston Herald’s Jerry Holbert got in hot water for the following cartoon. The unedited version was printed, and the online version was later edited to “raspberry”.



Randy Bish likes to draw Obama with gigantic lips.



I don’t know much about the artist here but he’s pretty tactless.



Notable spouse abuser Mike Lester hates women, the Obama family, black people, and gay people, to name a few.



Lester subscribes to the confusing and inaccurate view that Michelle Obama is overweight and has a huge ass. He’s done this at least since she started to campaign to have children to eat healthy food.


In case you’re not getting the intended message here, it’s “white people were smart enough to get out of the way.”

I’ve saved the worst for last. Gary and Glenn McCoy are brothers who happened to both go into cartooning and are published in different places but for all intents and purposes they are one person who hates everyone who isn’t a white man. They were especially enraged by Sandra Fluke.








The last one I’ll show off here is Mike Ramirez, who loves to draw vehicles and crosshatches virtually everything. His caricatures are grotesque mockeries of human anatomy and he’s the in-house cartoonist for Investors’ Business Daily, which is the whitest periodical imaginable. He is, as far as we can tell, a scribbled ball of pure hatred.





On the brighter side, Ramirez’s racist grotesqueries have led to the suspension of several deputies in at least one sheriff’s department.

Remember, these guys are published across the country and for some horrifying reason they’re generally well-received and have fans.



  • Joe Blow

    Funny cartoons–and all have more than an element of truth to them. Can’t stand what you see in the mirror, huh?

    • killhamster

      lol you’re a racist piece of human garbage. how’s it feel?